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Whether you need diagnostics or a tune-up, Westech has you covered.

At Westech Diesel Ltd, we are proud to offer the largest full service repair facility in Vanderhoof. Whether your heavy truck is your personal enterprise or hauls for a commercial fleet, Westech can help you get where you’re going.  Be sure to come in for regular service so that you’re never caught with a breakdown while you’re on the road.

Largest full service repair facility in Vanderhoof

52,000 lb column hoist
Call-out, after hours service
We inspect both in-province and out-of-province vehicles

  • ☑ Commercial Truck Repair
  • ☑ Computer Diagnostics
  • ☑ Truck and Trailer Inspections
  • ☑ Automotive Diesel Repair
  • ☑ Module Programming
  • ☑ Fast Lube Service
  • ☑ Chassis, Brake & Steering Repair
  • ☑ ATV / RV Parts and Repairs
  • ☑ Engine Rebuilds
  • ☑ Farm Equipment Maintenance
  • ☑ Logging Equipment Repairs
  • ☑ Welding and Fabrication
Commercial Diesel Truck and Trailer Repairs

Heavy Truck Repair and Maintenance

Does your engine need rebuilding? Is the wiring shot on your truck but you’re not sure what needs fixing? Do you need service but can’t make it into the shop? Westech Diesel Ltd. can help with all those services, as well as programming, lube service, and truck inspection in Vanderhoof. We serve several communities around Vanderhoof including Fraser lake, Fort St. James, and more.

Bring your commercial truck to Westech for service that you can rely on time after time.

Light Duty Diesel and Gas Repairs

Westech Diesel Ltd offers excellent services for auto maintenance for Vanderhoof, and the surrounding communities. We offer gas and diesel automotive to all our customers. From major engine repairs to performance parts, we can give your vehicle every service that it needs, including computer diagnostics and programming.

Our automotive services include the following:

  • Computer diagnostics and programming
  • Fuel and injection systems
  • Major engine repairs – Head gaskets, Pistons, Bearings
  • Muffler and exhaust
Light Duty Diesel Automotive Repairs Shop
Farm Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

Farm Equipment Repair and Maintenance

When farming consists of all or part of your livelihood, it’s important that the equipment and implements that allow your farm to run don’t break. This is why we offer farm equipment repairs to Vanderhoof, Fraser Lake, Fort Fraser, Fort St. James, and Cluculz Lake. We are proud to serve farming communities and farmers in our service area. Since the winter and the off-season can be the best time to have your equipment looked at, we can offer maintenance during this time so you’re prepared for the coming year. Westech Diesel Ltd also offers call out service, making it possible to have someone come to you wherever you are.


Get Roaring with ATV and RV Repairs

Get back to the road and to having fun with ATV and RV repairs in Vanderhoof and the surrounding areas. Westech Diesel Ltd is equipped with an RV-capable hoist so that we can take a good look at what might be wrong with your vehicle. Rest assured that you will always be able to take on the heavy terrain in your ATV by keeping it regularly maintained. At Westech, we provide the services that you need to get your vehicle back in working order. No matter the season, we will provide service, whether it’s your snowmobile at the height of winter or your ATV for those fun summer sports.

ATV and RV Service and Repairs

Let Us Get You BACK ON THE ROAD Fast!